Friday, April 27, 2012


Last year I made a post on the girls experience with seeing the cat catch and eat an animal. In the time since that post much, apparently much has changed with the girls This past week as I was getting their breakfast ready I heard them cry "Bunny, Bunny" and looked out the back door to see our cat about to eat a small rabbit. I was even able to record some of their glee and excitement over this gruesome ordeal.
(Warning: Below video features blood, guts, and the dismembering of a helpless but dead animal)

At first, I thought this was a one time thing but that idea lasted until the next morning. Sunday morning was warm so we ate outside and once again Moonbeam had a rabbit. I was then promptly regalled with the following girlish phrases:
"Take it off, Take if off" - Referring the rabbits fur.
"Take it out, Take it out" - Referring to his eyeballs.
Monday morning brought much mourning from the girls when they realized the cat did not have a rabbit to eat while they had breakfast.

I thought I was raising girls, I really did. I do not know where they learned violent nature so it must be ingrained in pink.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A tasty Dilemna

We recently took an spontaneous vacation to Gatlinburg so the girls could visit the aquarium there. While at the aquarium though, I had a conundrum. Normally most anything pink is hated and sent to the circular file. But what do you do when said pink object is a crab the size of a hubcap? I suppose in this case I can the only good use for this pink item is for dinner.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Twitchy, Wiggly Tummies

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a sudden and marked increase in my appetite. Since I had no noticeable weight gain, I went to see the doctor. After being poked and prodded incessantly, he pronounced me as being healthy. Unfortunately immediately afterwords there was a large twitch in my belly and the doctor promptly sent me to a specialist for more tests. The specialist he sent me to was a bit of a surprise but I went, since I knew the doctor knew best. While their he pulled out this special contraption to take good look at my innards. It was at this point that both I and the doctor fainted in shock. Apparently, I am expecting triplet girls. Why oh Why is pink doing this to me. ;)