Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Circle of Life

There comes a time in all children's life where they see a dead animal for the first time. For our girls it was this past week. With the warmer weather we have taken to eating on our back deck and were joined by the other member of Team Blue, Moonbeam.

He had decided to present his latest offering (victim) to us in the form of a small rabbit that was still slightly alive. I being a member of team blue looked at it and patted the cat congratulating him on his kill. The other side though? Their reaction was starkly different. My wife was squirmy as it was still wiggly and the girls did not appreciate this gruesome display. After consoling the cat and reassuring him that we did love him I convinced him to eat his dinner on the ground and not on the deck with us. For the girls sake, at least they didn't notice the ensuing crunching and munching of bones.

He really is a fierce cat, don't let that innocent looking face fool you. Just look at his scar. I am sure he will gain more in his defense of the house against unwelcome house guests, or yard guests.

1 comment:

  1. jeez! my cats suck. They have a tough time killing the kibble I put in their bowls. Interesting quandry though. ... not looking forward to explaining the circle of life to my girls one day. ... dreading it almost as much as explaining where babies come from.