Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Great Atrocity

My wife and I hung up a poor innocent clothes line so we can dry clothes and not run up our electric bill. Line dryed clothes feel nicer as well. This evening I come back from working at the bank and I see that the poor clothesline has been assaulted. It is lined with Pink sheets and they have surrounded the poor green sheet and are about to pounce him. After dinner I did what any brave man would do and I rescued that poor, defenseless green sheet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Well Trained Wife.

My wife was walking through the mall on Thursday and was approached by a vicious Mary Kay salesman. This lady had the audacity to tell my wife that she needed a facial, without even an introduction. My wife in her wise ways not only refrained from slapping the lady but also refused to purchase anything. A wonderous victory against pink.

Anyways, why would you want to buy something from someone who could drive this hideously coloured car?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A stalemate with Pink

This last week the good people at my work dragged me to a baby shower for my wife. I was fearful as I expected to get inundated with pink stuff, maybe even the dreaded pink diapers. Thankfully, I was spared the horror of to much pink. Most of the stuff was in a color that told Pink that it can return to whence it came.

Thankfully the baby monitor was blue and white, not pink. :)

My boss had great sympathy on my plight and not only bought stuff that was not pink, but put it in a nice blue striped bag.

His boss, who threatened me to NOT name them agatha and burtha, gave us a nice matching outfit for the twins in red, which is the greatest color out there besides blue.

Lastly, my painful concession for not getting much pink was having to eat on a pink plate. Thankfully, I found a cup that was green.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Willing Concession

Sometimes in a fight we must concede, whether it be willingly or in desperation. This past Sunday we were given a gift that I am quite willing to allow the twins to wear despite it being pink. Why may you ask? Because these fine items were not purchased in any store but were bought by a lady who was visiting her daughter in Ecuador, who is a missionary to some Indians there. Each of the outfits were hand made. That I suppose is an acceptable time to wear pink, when the item in question has been hand made by the Quechua Indians.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Invasion of Pink

With my wife's first baby shower it seems that seemingly friendly people are trying to dismantle the blue team by aiding and abetting with the enemy. What started as a slightly pink nursery is quickly becoming more and more pink. Not only are their cribs pink, but it seems that even their toy box is as well.

It seems they now have a whole slew of pink clothes.

Even a innocent picture frame has been turned into a tool of the enemy.

Somehow pink infiltrated our bathroom and is trying to disguise itself as a innocent bottle of soap. I shall have to replace it.

There is some good news, these two outfits are quite cute and I will take more of them. Bonus points for NOT being pink.

They also get 2 giraffe's to play with that thankfully were not dessicrated by being pink.

Even their second car seats are blue, they also look very sleak and snazzy.

At least the diapers are not pink. I don't know if I could have handled that.