Thursday, February 13, 2014

Un-Happy Valentines Day

In the spirit of this post here I have thought I would write a new post concerning on the day that will shortly be upon us. It seems that every year us men are incessantly reminded that if we want to be a good person we must buy our significant other something special. But not any old special item, it has to be valued in the hundreds of dollars to even be considered. The other pitfall is that if the "special item" does not meet some unknown criteria then the gift is a "failrure" and the man must make another attempt. All the while he must suffer the disappointment from his significant other, which can range from silence to outright hostility. What to do you think caused the Tunguska Event. Undoubtedly it was caused by an irate women who most definitely did not appreciate her husbands gift. Unfortunately, I fear that that the bits of him were left all over the Siberian plains.

For those of you who wish to avoid the fate of that unfortunate man may I offer some timely suggestions.

  1. Spontaneously give your spouse gifts throughout the year that are unexpected and appreciated. This isn't one or the other.
  2. Don't suddenly stop with Valentines Day. Slowly work your way into it through the years. Talk with her as well, or else you maybe the second Tunguska Event. 
  3. Remember the real story behind St. Valentine, the person this holiday is named after.