Friday, February 24, 2012

What is for Breakfast?

I have taken to asking the girls what they want for breakfast in the morning and let them choose between eggs or oatmeal, with various mixings. I thought I would chronicle some of the rejected ideas for breakfast though:

1. Brother
2. Brother's Toes
3. Poop
4. Cockroaches
5. Sister

Obviously, as the above choices do not meet Federal Dietary guidelines I had to refuse them. The poor girls were heartbroken.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boycotting Valentines Day

From a young age we in America have it ingrained in our heads that Valentines day is a day of love and we MUST give gifts to people of the other gender. The boys are instructed that they have to give gifts and women are raised expecting to be lavishly given gifts on this day. If the man forgets to give a gift, or if said gift is found lacking in any way, then he will quickly be banished to the doghouse until the women decides her man's punishment is over. This could be a matter of days or even years. It is for this reason that I am happy that Melissa informed me before our 1st Valentines Day that I better not give her anything, a tradition I have continued since then. Hopefully I can also pass this on to my children as well.

I have a question though, why do we do this? Why are we forced into this over-commercialized holiday in the hopes that it can bring satisfaction and happiness to our Significant other? Should we not instead shower gifts on our spouses at random times throughout the year? It certainly would be cheaper on our checking account if we did.

Secondly, St. Valentine was one of several martyr's named Valentine who were all killed for the cause of Christ. Why don't we talk about that on Valentines Day? Espouse the principle of standing for your convictions and what you believe in even if it means death. It seems to me that is the message we should be talking about rather than this blatantly commercialized {pink} holiday.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crazy Speak: Toddler Honesty

Mommy: What did you do with Daddy this morning?
Bronwyn: I push.
M: You pushed Aeralind?
B: Yes.
M: Were you playing and she liked it?  Or were you being mean?
B: I mean :-D


There are sweet, gentle hugs. Then, there are the WWWF style hugs. I think these would fall under the latter type.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Danger Scale: Slides

Who doesn't like sliding down a slide backwards at 13 months? I mean, she couldn't possibly get hurt, could she?

Please vote below and post in the comments why you chose that rating. Thanks.