Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Buying Toys.

My daughters have shown us once again that buying toys is purely optional. They would love nothing more than to stack cans of food. Or maybe use them to hold their cup they are trying to drink from.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Suitor Defense: Bronwyn's Style

On Memorial Day weekend we visited the zoo with the in-laws and the girls greatly enjoyed themselves. During a brief respite in the play area though Bronwyn decided to employ some suitor  defense against a boy who dared try and come into her play area.

Apparently her and her sister were on the lookout for any boys who may dare approach them.

Bronwyn with her hawk-like eyes quickly spotted a boy who was attempting to approach them and was quick to tell him "NO!!!!!" with the corresponding sign.

The poor boy then left and went to do something else. He did try several times though and was soundly rebuffed by Bronwyn. They did though allow his younger sister to join them.

Team Blue though is happy to report that once the girls left they did allow him the use of the climbing toy. Now to wonder if she will continue with this suitor defense when she is older. But I am ready to step in with my Aircraft Carrier should things get out of control.