Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Year 2 in Review

It has come to my attention that I missed my two year blogaversary!   Please excuse my tardiness in preparing this year in review!

Last year I set out some high and lofty goals for my war against pink.
  1. To continue supplementing my daughters wardrobe with feminine, but non-pink attire. Last year my efforts to increase the feminine but not pink wardrobe had a good reception. My wife was insisting on Ballerina outfits so we compromised and it was definitely in my favor. We did family pictures and to my joy we had NO pink on us. 

My daughters continued this trend of wearing cute but NOT PINK outfits throughout the year even when getting dirty.
Like Aeralind deciding to climb in a hole and eat the dirt around her.
And Bronwyn happily climbing rocks in the rock quarry:
To petition the government to remove pink as a color. While I was never able to send in a petition concerning the  HORRID color choice for a tax envelope it seems that someone in their office reads my blog. As the latest tax envelope was a bright yellow.

Definitely a much better color choice and more appealing to those of us who are sensitive about such things.

To procure a dragon to aid in suitor defense. 
Sadly the efforts to purchase a dragon was viciously shot down by the leader of Team Pink. Her primary reason was that unless I can afford 10 Hippopotamus'  a day we cannot get one. So therefore I went and re-structured my Suitor Defense Plan. The first was the creation of the Marriage Contract. As the number of boys that wanted to visit with my daughters dramatically decreased I would say this was a great success. Due to a pending addition to the family I also elected to purchase a small item to aid in suitor defense, an Aircraft Carrier. Aeralind also elected to do her own version of Suitor Defense, where she took on her Black Widow Ways and EATS the hapless man who offends her.
    Additionally during this year, I made a new enemy that somehow was able to morph into many different things. The first, and most insidious was my banishment to the Doghouse for innocent comments on household roles.We apparently had 2 new creatures move into our house. The first being the ominous Crack with the second being large Termites. We also had many, many battles against the Dreaded foe Odus Media, which thankfully was banished in January.

     We did have one enemy outside the house that was an instant Prohibition that was quickly and easily agreed on by all parties involved. There are though pretty Yellow and Black Striped birdies so that makes up for it a little bit.

    Photo courtesy of my Dad.

    During the course of the year the girls dabbled in many different sorts of future professions. Their earliest involved being a Musician. Upon realizing how much work this would entail they thought of an easier profession, being a Treasure Hunter. Due to the risk of bug bites they then attempted their hand at Rock Climbing. After these though they each went their own way on possible professions. Bronwyn tried her hand at being a Broomstick Rider while Aeralind pondered the virtues of being a Carpenter. They both did enjoy being a Wine Tester though.

    We, my wife and I that is, discussed the different ideas of play dates on one occasion. I decided to show her just what Team Blue thought was a suitable idea for one. The girls also decided a demonstration was in order of Thievery and Mischief.

    Lastly we celebrated their first birthday with a lovely post on our Survival and fed the girls Chocolate Cake for breakfast.

    In this next year I plan to further the cause of Team Blue while trying to fight the indomitable presence of Team Pink. I also hope that I will be able to welcome a new addition to Team Blue but that is unknown until the little one gets here. There was a bit of encouraging news though when the smallest members of team pink went on a Ride on the Wild Side

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