Friday, May 14, 2010

A Year of Fighting Pink in Review

On this day last year, I discovered that pink was planning an invasion of my humble abode.  Therefore, I thought I would review the skirmishes that I (Valiant Defender of All Things Blue) have had with them (The Frilly Pink Wimps).

Early on I had foiled my wife's feeble attempt to pinkify this very blue blog. Unfortunately, while I managed to keep my blog pure and unadulterated, what started as a nice green nursery that was neutral to both sides was often and viciously pinkified.

However, in response, I managed to wrest the vile hold that pink has attempted to gain upon my daughters' wardrobe. I repelled the pinkness by choosing outfits that, while still feminine in style, were not pink so as to prove to womenkind that girls can look nice without choosing the Dark Side (aka team pink).  See how nice this looks?

Seriously, at least act like you enjoy the outfits.

At the start of the year pink unveiled a heinous and hideous plot. They attempted to remove the other team blue member from the house through devious and underhanded measures.  My faithful and bravehearted compatriot, Moonbeam (Team Pink named him... that's why he is my best ally... mwhaha) disappeared for almost a month.  But as the song goes, the cat came back to further aid in foiling Team Pink.

Early on I discovered that I would face a second monumental task. I must defend these poor, helpless girls from boys. Thusly I quickly devised a scheme to help filter out any suitors who are unsuitable for these lovely ladies. I hope to start to implement the plan soon, so long as the HOA does not mind. Unfortunately, some boys (ahem Hunter and Frazor) are not so easily deterred.

During the coming year I hope to continue avoiding those crazy people who adhere to the psychotic notion that anything feminine must be slathered in pink. I also plan to continue sumplementing their wardrobes with not only blue outfits but also feminine but not pink outfits. I am considering petitioning our state representatives to remove pink as a color.  Also, I am hoping to procure the following to aid in my suitor defense.

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