Saturday, August 22, 2009

A stalemate with Pink

This last week the good people at my work dragged me to a baby shower for my wife. I was fearful as I expected to get inundated with pink stuff, maybe even the dreaded pink diapers. Thankfully, I was spared the horror of to much pink. Most of the stuff was in a color that told Pink that it can return to whence it came.

Thankfully the baby monitor was blue and white, not pink. :)

My boss had great sympathy on my plight and not only bought stuff that was not pink, but put it in a nice blue striped bag.

His boss, who threatened me to NOT name them agatha and burtha, gave us a nice matching outfit for the twins in red, which is the greatest color out there besides blue.

Lastly, my painful concession for not getting much pink was having to eat on a pink plate. Thankfully, I found a cup that was green.

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