Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Great Atrocity

My wife and I hung up a poor innocent clothes line so we can dry clothes and not run up our electric bill. Line dryed clothes feel nicer as well. This evening I come back from working at the bank and I see that the poor clothesline has been assaulted. It is lined with Pink sheets and they have surrounded the poor green sheet and are about to pounce him. After dinner I did what any brave man would do and I rescued that poor, defenseless green sheet.


  1. I think I can relate to you. I am a mother of twin boys, and singleton boys, and twins on the way in October also. Luckily, one of them is a girl. So, I am not soooo outnumbered. Therefore, I am trying to get as much pink as I can into my house. I mean, The blues and greens are a dominant color around here.

  2. Hi Derek - saw your guest post on MOMs. Great to meet you. My hubby was convinced our twins were girls - our first born is one and both the gogs, just to receive the surprise of his life - both boys. Now me and my girl feel a bit overwhelmed by all the boy stuff around here.

    Surely the scans can tell you if they are identical? We were informed very early that ours were fraternal as they had separate scas, placentas etc?

    Enjoy the rest of the preganancy - greetings from Africa.

  3. OMG, you are a hoot! I am a mother to beautiful twin girls. I just knew I was having boys, so my nursery is blue and I told everyone not to buy anything pink because I didn't want to be on pink overload. But, I wouldn't change it for anything know. I love seeing my husband with the girls, there's nothing like a father-daughter relationship. The girls are totally different, I have one that loves dolls and I have one that loves the outside (dirt, bugs, mud, dogs). Best of luck and I'll keep watching. Check out my twins at