Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swimming Atire

With the warmer weather we yet again are faced with the issue of what to let the girls swim in. This is getting increasingly more and more difficult as women bathing suits are getting smaller and smaller.

Before we could make our decision I had to do some research on what would be suitable for the girls to wear. My first choice was something from the 1920's but I was quick to realize that they were not modest at all. Look at all that leg showing... and those shoulders. Utterly scandalous.

Going back a couple decades though I found something that could be suitable. It is completely modest and there is almost nothing that would cause a boy to pursue them.

Of course, their could be some boys that are drawn to women in bulky clothing, then I would bring out this to ensure their complete modesty while they were swimming.

A bathing machine. A way for the girls to swim in the water in complete modesty and I won't have to worry about mischievous boys who are up to no good.

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