Friday, October 28, 2011

Carving Pupmkins

Carving a pumpkin can always be a fun endevour. But before you begin you need to gather up the tools that you will need.

Besides the obvious need of a pumpkin you will need a knife, a pattern, and a drill.

After carving an opening in the top get your young children to make a mess with the insides. As they have a natural proclivity of making messes then this task should be quite enjoyable for them.

Once the innards have been removed then you need to apply the pattern to the pumpkin. Duct Tape works quite well for this. Then poke along the edges with a sharp metal implement of your choosing. In this case I used a fondue fork, which unfortunately became a casualty of the evening.

Once you have sketched out the pattern then proceed to carve it using either a knife or your drill. The knife will get the job done but is slower and more boring than using a drill.

Once you have completed your drawing then stick a candle inside and then light it. You could light the candle before placing it inside the pumpkin but I hold no responsibility for fires that may occur. Then get your wife who is a Photographer to take some "night" shots for the full effect.

Once you have completed the pumpkin then kick back and enjoy some yummy publix pumpkin ice cream.

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