Saturday, June 6, 2009

The battle continues

Well, the battle is continuing albeit a bit slowly lately. Sadly, today I was confronted with a choice that on the outside appeared innocent while it was really a covert attempt by the women to pinkify the house. The story goes as follows:

I was innocently asked by my wife if she could sew some birds and hang them from the ceiling in the nursery. Not realizing the sinister nature of her request I said yes. Since I am a bird watcher by nature. It was only later that I discovered the true nature of her request, the birds would be pink. GASP!!!!!!!! Imagine my shock and horror, I had been duped. Alas, I shall have to come up with plans to repel this pinkification before it spreads to far. Maybe I should buy some spray paint to paint the birds different colors.

Here is a picture of these seemingly innocent birds. What bird is this small and all pink anyways? Even MINE has pink on it. :(

1 comment:

  1. you must confess, those are awfully cute even though they are pink.